Anemometer project

Do you want to study meteorology? Do you want draw the wind map of your area? Do you want use the power of wind to produce energy? Or are you only curious? This simple experiment is the start up for you and your children to take the first small step of your new interest. You will use materials that you already have or you can buy with a few euro. You can also improve the realisation with your fantasy!

This project was published in the journal ".ECO" (n°8 - November 2011), see link: www.educazionesostenibile.it.

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Foto 1

Rotor example - 1

Foto 2

Rotor example - 2

Foto 3

Rotor example - 3

Foto 4


Foto 5

Anemometer rotor - 1

Foto 6

Anemometer rotor - 2

Foto 7

Anemometer rotor 3

Foto 8

Rotor support and magnetic sensor - 1

Foto 9

Rotor support and magnetic sensor - 2

Foto 10

Digital speedmeter

Foto 11

Support pipes

Foto 12

Iron disk support

Foto 13

Final work




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