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March 4th, 2019 - CRUEL DESTINIES


A year has passed and for me is still very hard to believe what happened to Davide. I know that tragedies of this type are unfortunately more frequent than we can imagine and do not spare anyone, absolutely nobody. But it is hard to get over it. Hi champion, wherever you are, watch over us. I also think of another tragedy that took place almost simultaneously in my city. The chronicle reports of a man who initially (it seems) wanted to commit suicide, and then killed the first person (?) who met on his way, a Senegal street vendor called Idy who had the misfortune to stay that day, in that moment on that side of the Vespucci bridge in Florence. Davide and Idy, two people, two completely different stories and although for very different reasons, the same ending. Two broken lives, two tormented families, an entire community that wondered and wonders why!


November 11th, 2018 - DISTANT MEMORIES


It happens to rummage in the garage between the things accumulated over the years and you find some wooden toys that you had made for your son. Only then, you realize that twenty (20) years have passed!


August 28th, 2018 - SMALL SATISFACTIONS…


In my opinion to feel good and be happy you don't need many things. Being free, a little health and sometimes a "shot" of life to share with right people… Ah I forgot, a glass of good wine!


March 19th, 2016 - BARRIERS TO BE REMOVED


The images of men, women and children massed behind a high and barbed fence, camped in makeshift tents in the mud or arranged in long columns in a unstoppable march toward the promised land are haunting me for months. During the day sometimes I'm thinking, still incredulous, what’s happening not very far from us what would I do in their same situation with my family with my loved ones. I have strongly impressed in my mind their faces, their eyes, their pain. I can’t believe that many countries don’t find another solution to this human drama, which erect a wall to stop this endless swarm of people like to protect themselves and their sake of peace, from an invasion of hungry locusts. The solution to this humanitarian tragedy is very complex but not how to search signs of life on Mars, but nothing is done! The solution can’t be a barrier, human history should teach us something.


January 15th, 2015 – A QUESTION OF TIME


After the conferences and meetings of :

1992 – Rio de Janeiro

1995 – Berlino

1996 – Ginevra

1997 – Kyoto

2000 – L’Aja

2001 – Bonn

2001 – Marrakesh

2003 – Milano

2005 – Montreal

2006 – Nairobi

2007 – Bali

2008 – Poznan

2009 – Copenhagen

And especially after 22 years (TWENTY-TWO !!), we have achieved these great results:

In 2013 record for the most polluted year the last 30 years, see NEW (italian).

In 2014 record for the warmest year since 1891, see NEW (italian).

22 years of many good intentions (remaining so), environmental policies ever implemented, missed opportunities to change an economy based exclusively on the exploitation well over the limits of the territory.

Useless the alarms launched by the international scientific community.

Useless the signs of rebellion of nature, such as climate change and all its consequences.

Useless the risk of integrity of our own health and of our children too.

All this has been sacrificed in the name of "god money" and the economic and political power of few over many.

This is the man. Always been!

I still hope for a cultural revolution, in a trend inversion. I still hope for those who come after us, that is better than us and above all I hope that they still have time.

That has not already too late!


May 31st, 2014 – ONCE UPON A TIME BRAZIL…


This is not a fresh new, I would have publish it the last year at the beginning of July when it was the top new of all media. It’s more than a year that the Brazil is the scene of striking protests, sit-ins and violent clashes between demonstrators and police. Many Brazilians have not gone right down the millions of dollars spent on the organization of the World Cup that will begin next June. Do not intend to accept further sacrifices for a sporting event that will show to the whole world only the good side of a country instead it is plagued by many problems that no government until now has attempted to solve. Until recently, the system has always been opposed to the misery and poverty the samba rhythm and the magics of football matches as improbable treatment. But this time for the "football god" something has changed. People like suddenly opened their eyes. They requires and demands more schools, hospitals, public transportation, labor, services for the citizen, does not tolerate foot waste, unjustified price rises, speculation and corruption. Despite the drama of some images I have taken these events in a positive way, I thought that there is a limit, a threshold beyond which even the people by nature quiet natured and playful, become angry indeed. I'm really curious to see what will happen during the World Cup and if, in case of victory of Brazil, everything will return sadly as before.


October 14th, 2013 - TWITTERING IN NETWORK…


Although I'm not very good social network user, on time and especially not constant, I have included the link to my TWITTER account. We well see…



Here is the proof of global warming!

Today is the world environment day, hoping that it is also tomorrow, the day after tomorrow ect. too. A welcome to all the initiatives in this regard, and that good intentions are translated immediately into actions and concrete solutions to celebrate this day, every day.

Think globally, act locally



Bread and waste

Even in a full-blown and prolonged situation of economic and social crisis like the one we are experiencing, we are able to throw the symbol of man's work in the trash…


…knowing that in many countries of the world there are millions of humans who are dying for lack of food and instead could live in dignity with everything we throw away, is not more acceptable. Should no longer be tolerated by any of us!


Something should be done. We must do something. Immediately!



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