- Caps collection -
Locandina raccolta tappi
DO NOT throw the cap of the water bottle that you have just drank. Keep it. It can help someone! In what way? An active voluntary association of Livorno, il Centro Mondialitą e Sviluppo Reciproco CMSR , help some villages in Tanzania that have the perennial problem of water supply. This initiative consists of in collection caps in PE (polyethylene) of bottles of water, soft drinks, cosmetics, detergents, the sale of the same to a company that provides the sorting and composting of the raw material that is re-used to make food containers, playground equipment for gardens, benches ect. ect. With the money from the sale of the caps is possible to build water wells, the pipes and the education of local staff for the maintenance of the entire system. I am very proud to give my little contribution to this initiative which also has many messages for our more rich society. Combine the recycling of resources available at no cost with solidarity and why not help the environment is smart and educational for all. If we can help our less fortunate brothers using resources otherwise destined for the trash, what could we do if there was a serious and concrete efforts by the governments of Western countries to solve the problems Africans? This question probably will never answer, but fortunately there are wells that CMSR and its volunteers have been able to do in recent years in Tanzania and the many activities of many other humanitarian organizations working in the African continent. Take part in this initiative, together we can reach the goal faster, it takes exorbitant amount of caps to get the money needed to build wells. Visit the CMSR to have all the information on the "Campaign for the collection of caps."



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